Sunday, July 26, 2009

Golden Gate Park Mounted Police Stable

On our 2009 Vacation to California by a coincidence we ended up at the Golden Gate Park. Being close to the Police Stable we looked for it, the roads all had changed in the Park, quite a challenge to say the least, but fate had it and we found it.

It was very different, but the building still was there with the original arena. I met some very nice Policemen this day and a tour guide that was very helpful showing us pictures and talking with us about all the old time photos. I recognized the officers and horses in some of the photos. I was so very happy to have gone there and met up with people that showed kindness as they did 50 years ago.

In the photo above are a few horses tied up where the cars used to be parked...because I was so excited I did not take pictures of the officers...this to my regret.

Next door to the MPS used to be a stable for the Harness and Polo Ponies till they converted it into a Riding Academy. In my youth I spent a great deal of time there, cooling down horses...too bad they closed this facility, it was such an ideal place to ride through the Park. I believe they are trying to rebuild this site.

I also found a link on Ed Lawson, who was the officer that was so kind allowing me to ride the horses, especially the horse named Bob (seen here below painted of me sitting astride) Ed would even drive us home because he worried it was too far to walk through the Park...a kind man indeed and someone I will never forget.