Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fleishhacker Zoo

My mother liked taking us to the Fleishhacker Zoo in San Francisco, it was Free to get in, it had many things to do, a Carousel, Swimming pool and a beautiful building dedicated to a woman named Delia (Fleishhakers mother)so of course I liked going there, pretending it was my Zoo, because of the name Delia...I always felt sorry for caged animals, it just is not natural, and to this day don't like it unless they have large areas to roam.

sister in a San Francisco Hospital

My sister Alex was Hospitalized for a long time with TB in the hip, I think we where around 11 years old...My mom and I would walk every day to the Hospital to see her...because I was young they would not allow me to go inside to visit, but her bed was next to a window and I got to see her through there. She was in a great deal of pain and that was so hard to see.
I included this in my memory paintings as this was a big part of our lives at that time.
This photo is bad so will re-shoot tomorrow let the true colors and more clearer image.