Thursday, January 14, 2010

Russian River riding with mom

Just turning 13 and horse crazy, we had gone on vacation at the Russian River in California, there my mom took me horseback riding something I had dreamt about for years. We did not have lots of money, so I knew this was an expense at $1.00 an hour for each horse.
I had always wished my mom and I could have shared doing this more often, she loved horses and knew they where my passion...when mom died she left an envelope with cash in it, including a note saying, "promise me that you will use this money to take English Horseback riding lessons"(I had been riding western) Yes, I did take lessons and it was the beginning of getting into breeding and showing horses with my daughters...I paid for some of this luxury with some of my paintings, but my loving husband made it come true as he wanted me to pursue my dream...For 15 years I had an Arabian breeding Business till we had to move to our last state, it just became too much to move all the horses again.
a Note: I will be adding other types of painting series to this blog... also check out my other art blog, it's also a continuing art sure to check out previous pages below if shown.