Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fleishhacker Zoo

My mother liked taking us to the Fleishhacker Zoo in San Francisco, it was Free to get in, it had many things to do, a Carousel, Swimming pool and a beautiful building dedicated to a woman named Delia (Fleishhakers mother)so of course I liked going there, pretending it was my Zoo, because of the name Delia...I always felt sorry for caged animals, it just is not natural, and to this day don't like it unless they have large areas to roam.


  1. I remember Fleishhacker Zoo - mostly how cold it was when we came over from the East Bay! Nice work!

  2. I really appreciate your illustrations. I loved the story about you becoming the latest Sunmaid Raisin Girl. I've always liked that illustration.

    Rebecca Guelfi

  3. Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the comment,I appreciate you following this blog and the time you take to come here. Hopefully I have time to paint more soon... I deleted the duplicate comment of yours.