Monday, June 29, 2009

Mounted Police Horse named Bob

When I was around 12 years old we lived near the Golden Gate Park, at that time there was a place called the Golden Gate Riding Academy. I helped clean stalls and bring in the lesson horses for exchange for riding a horse. I loved going there, it was a beautiful place with lots of history, then one day they tore it down to build a Safeway grocery store.
Another place I use to go to, was at the other end of the Golden Gate Park and had to walk quite a distance, it was the Polo Field and the San Francisco Mounted Police Stable. In the early 50's a child could walk through the park without something happening to them...but of course you still had to be careful.
My adventures at the Polo Field will be another painting so will save the story for that. However the Golden Gate Mounted Police Stable was where I had the best time, I was allowed to ride a retired Police Horse named Bob, supposedly a Hero saving someones life in the Ocean. Bob was a tall Bay Morgan or Morgan mix, he had swelling in his hock area, but was not lame. I would ride him around in the arena and then clean him and put him in his stall. I was even allowed to call him my horse. There I learned a great deal about horses and the care for them, the Policemen where always so nice to us (my sister and me), even driving us home at times because we lived quite a distance away...featured in this painting is me riding Bob.

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