Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our home in America

I'm getting ready to go on a vacation for 10 have not had much time to think about painting...the sun came out today, so painted this.
In this scene we are in San Leandro California at our sponsors house, exhausted from our train trip, which oddly enough I can not remember...the only thing I do remember is arriving in Oakland late at night, and our sponsor picking us up and then going to a Lucky's grocery store for food (did he not think of this before?) The house he lived in was a Shaker style home, very minimal furniture, not even sheets on our beds...a very bachelor home. Needless to say my mom was not happy, I really think he was looking for a bride...but NOT my mom!
At this house he had two Cocker Spaniels, one named Blondie the other Goldie, neither really liked my sister and me. So the painting is of us sitting on the stoop with the dogs by us. I remember thinking how warm it was before Christmas, which was a week away in this image.

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